Saturday, April 11, 2009

Add Curb Appeal with Outdoor Front Porch Curtains

I am absolutely in love with outdoor curtains on a front porch. OK, so they are not exactly indoor couture, but they do help to make an outdoor room on your porch or patio. Curtains on your porch also add instant curb appeal and elegance to any home, as well as privacy.

Outdoor curtains do not have to be expensive, you could use canvas drop cloths from a hardware store and just hang on a homemade rod, made of plumbing pipe or wood. You can even use shower curtains, which would really make them water-proof and easy to clean.

Photo: Visual Vamp Blog

They do make curtains specifically made for outdoors, though. They are made of a heavier fabric than indoor curtains and are more water resistant, as well. Here are some from Target:

I love the orange and white together, too. It's actually more of a copper color, perfect for Summer, right on into Fall.

These outdoor curtains also come in a soothing blue:

Another material that you could use for outdoor curtains is Mosquito Netting. These curtains are made specifically for a gazebo, but I am sure could be used anywhere. Mosquito netting would give you that draping effect, without all of the bulky fabric of traditional outdoor curtains:

And actually, if you have an outdoor patio space, these gazebos make a pretty addition to your patio and protection from the hot summer sun, too.

As you can see, adding outdoor curtains to your home is an easy and pretty way to spruce up your front porch and add curb appeal to your home. Now all we need is a glass of lemonade!

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Hey! Thanks for using my backporch in your photo string. I really appreciate it. :)